Creative Grooming

As a professional creative groomer, Stuart occasionally turn his hand to a touch of colour. His style is simple, tasteful and effective. Stuart’s opinion is that less is more when it comes to this type of grooming. His opinion is that a well placed design says so much more than extreme creative. The most important part of creative grooming is the safety of it! there is a lot to consider before turning your hand to this type of grooming and it should absolutely only be practiced by someone that knows what they are doing and that understands the products they are using.

Stuart is currently the only groomer that holds his Masters qualification with the National Association of Professional Creative Groomers in the UK and one of only 2 that achieved the qualification at all. He is the examiner & assessor for them in Europe.

There are many dangerous products out there and Stuart is passionate that the dogs in professional groomers care should be safe at all times. Education is key and it’s his opinion that unless you understand a product, you shouldn’t use it on a live animal.

Many media outlets demand this type of grooming be carried out for their features. Stuart’s opinion is that this should be done with the animals welfare in mind and this demands education. If we don’t highlight this style of grooming, it will be driven underground. It is essential that pet owners think twice before trying this type of grooming themselves and so we must be transparent about what is involved.