Mutts Monthly Season 2


Mutts Monthly Season 2…


Episode 1:

Return of the pack

Julie and Stu reunite over Olives and chat about all sorts of things, including COVID, Education and everything Pooch Perfect. What a Summer it has been!!!

Episode 2:

Return of the Lockdown

Stu & Julie chat about all things current and concerning our lives at the moment. Lockdown no 2, are us groomers essential? All the president’s men and what to do if you find a tick!

As usual its all good fun and although every attempt is made to stick to a subject, it never really happens.

Have fun listening!

Episode 3:

Pooch Perfect on the way!

In this episode, Stuart and Julie chat to Pooch Perfect UK Judge Colin Taylor, Legend of the grooming industry. They chat about all things from take-aways to anxiety! Never a dull moment!

Episode 4:

Pooch Perfect and Lady Verity

Stu & Julie chat about all things to do with the hit BBC1 Dog Grooming competition Pooch Perfect. Behind the scenes gossip and insights in to how the show was made. A must listen to all those crazy about Pooch Perfect UK.

Episode 5:

Pooch Perfect Winner 2021 Interview with Kelly Davis

Stu and Julie chat to the newly crowned Pooch Perfect 2021 champion Kelly Davis about her experience competing in BBC1’S Pooch Perfect Grooming Competition.

Kelly highlights the ups and downs of the competition and how she hopes to inspire a new generation.

Please enjoy her experience with us.

Congratulations Kelly. xxx

Episode 6:

Motorbikes, Hooks and Clean Pussy (cats)

Julie and Stu reunite in Stu’s kitchen over a glass of lemonade with a dash of wine.

This episode focusses on lockdown purchases and how we are emerging (slowly) out of the lockdown, well that and Julie’s Menopause!

Sit back, relax and enjoy two old friends coming back together for  good old chin wag.


Episode 7:

Mutts Monthly Extra – Focus on Creative Grooming and it’s safety

Stuart and Julie chat to Animal Welfare Consultant Jody Gordon and Vet Bolu Eso.

Stuart, Bolu and Jody were the welfare team on Pooch Perfect UK.  Stuart is one of only a few groomers in the UK to have completed the NAPCG Creative Grooming qualifications and is now the examiner for them in Europe. Having creatively groomed high profile dogs in the UK and had to explain the practice on many a media outlet, he is no stranger to the attention, good and bad, that this medium  can bring.

Join them for a frank discussion on all things creative. We investigate what the term means, why it’s required within the industry, its safety and its dangers.

Sit back, relax and enjoy this controversial topic being discussed by 4 qualified pet professionals.

Episode 8:

Heads, Shoulders, Knees and Toes with Hannah Capon of CAM (Canine Arthritis Management)

Stu and Julie have an eye opening chat with Inspirational Vet and Founder of CAM. Check out her website at

Youtube at

Facebook Group at

Trust us, you’re gonna want to hear what she has to say!

Have a listen and don’t forget to rate and share 🙂


Episode 9:

In Salon Teeth Cleaning with Anastasia Waugh

Julie and Stuart ask all the questions you’ve been wondering about when it comes to cleaning dogs teeth safely and without the need for anaesthetic.

Many salons are offering ultra sonic teeth cleaning with really amazing results, but how does it work?

We put all our questions and concerns to Anastasia. She is solely an Emmi Pet Distributor and holistic teeth cleaner.